Vincent’s morning, and the vomiting

All prepared for breakfast at 6am this morning.

Vincent came down with everyone, but he didn’t want to eat. That’s strange…

Instead, he went out to the patio. I suspect he went to eat soil because when I went to look for him, he was licking his lips as though he had just finished eating something.

A bit of good news, Heidi was willing to lick some raw food this morning. Just a bit.

Shortly, Vincent came in and I offered him his usual raw food (I had laced it with probiotics), he didn’t want any and walked away.

Oh dear….ok, ok, no probiotics, Vincent.

I quickly gave him his favourite Cindy’s Chicken which he ate. Phew!

I slowly added some raw food which he also ate.

Tabs ate up the raw food, probiotics and all.

Meanwhile, no more tricking Cleo with any new food…

She ate her small portion of Cubgrub Chicken. Phew!

Pole and Cleo of two very low-maintenance girls in that they eat very little.

But don’t try any funny business with them, though. They will make you regret it!

And later in the morning, Vincent was licking soil again. Caught red-handed this time.

I have been updating the vet about Vincent’s soil-eating. The vet said to bring him in earlier, ie. this Wednesday. She is concerned about this too.

During Vincent’s rock bottom period a few weeks ago, he would shy away in fear even when I tried to pet him. I’m glad those days are over…..

Time for your meds, Vincent!

There’s the tiny Metrogyl (last one this evening), the half-tablet of Fortekor and the Azodyl capsule. Vetri DMG in the syringe to wash everything done. Biosilver spray at the end to “clean up” the mouth and teeth a little.

But today was not a good pilling day. Vincent struggled and fought.

He wanted food right after, so I gave him Cindy’s Chicken.

Plus Cubgrub’s chicken. No surprises with new flavours. Back to something he is very familiar with.

But about 20 minutes after that, Vincent vomited.

I saw parts of the Azodyl capsule in the vomit.

There’s a lot of water, Cindy’s Chicken and some raw food in the vomit, and at least 6 half-capsules (Azodyl) flattened. The vomit also felt very grainy, like there was a lot of sand. It must be from this early morning’s soil-eating. There is a dry sandy patch that Vincent particularly likes to frequent. He pees here and I guess he also eats the soil here…sigh.

I was worried about this. Firstly, any vomiting is not a good sign unless it’s one-off due to hairball or some minor tummy upset. Secondly, our first vet told us that the Azodyl capsule is designed to melt only in the intestines because the probiotics is needed there to tackle the urea. Why are these capsules in the stomach? And why are there at least 3 capsules still in the stomach?  Vincent is only given one Azodyl capsule per day.

I quickly texted the vet and showed her the photos (I took photos of all parts of the vomit). The vet explained that the presence of the capsules in the vomit should be okay. Sometimes, cats can thrown up contents from the duodenum as well. So it necessarily that the 3 capsules got stuck in the stomach. Maybe Vincent just cannot digest the capsule material, but the probiotics have been absorbed.

In any case, if Vincent still doesn’t eat by tomorrow, I am to bring Vincent in to see the vet.

We will figure this out, Vincent. Don’t you worry. We will.

I hope the vomiting is only due to the soil-eating, and not some other kidney-related issue.