I did the subcut all by myself!


When there’s a will….

I am so, so afraid of poking a needle into the skin, but I had to do it alone today, so…

I did it! I did it!

And waited for the entire duration for the 200ml fluids, without daring to even move my hand. So scared to lift up my hand in case the needle slides out.

We did it, Vincent! Yay!

So relaxed, ya?

3 comments to I did the subcut all by myself!

  • Ng

    🙂 you are truly super woman.. Truly love conquers all!

  • Catherina

    Hi Dr..
    I too have a CKD cat at home. Doing subcut at home for a yr plus after his diagnosis. Subcut evyday at the beginning, then to evy other day and now evy 2 days. Luckily my furkid gv me full cooperation during tthe whole procedure. But i still need an assistant to hold him down. Jia you!