Vincent’s secret stash (of soil)!

I followed Vincent when he went out to the patio this morning…

Pee-ing..ok, good boy.

And then, I caught him red-handed! He had cleared a small space by pushing the pebbles away to expose a small patch of soil so that he has a secret stash now!!

I caught him eating soil again, but managed to stop him in time.

I quickly covered the hole with as many pebbles as I could find. But as you can see, it’s quite hard – all he needs is a tiny patch of exposed soil and he can already eat from it. Unless of course, I buy a new pack of pebbles and pour them over this patch. He is so smart, he made the stash where there is no netting.

Vincent, you have liver, heart and wheatgrass for iron, do you need to eat soil?

Lunch, with homecooked and raw chicken heart.

Tak mau!

Coco&Joe’s?  Tak mau!

Ciao treats (mousse food)?

He just licked a little and rejected it.

Vincent: What do you take me for? An old man with no teeth?  

Vincent, you ARE an old man with no teeth.

Finally, he only wanted Cindy’s Tuna with Sea Bream. Ok, ok, as long as you eat.

Subcut 200ml. Smooth.

Tomorrow, we shall be going to the vet’s for a follow-up.

I have a very busy day tomorrow, so I won’t be able to update until late at night.

Many thanks for everyone’s concern and interest in Vincent’s condition.