A soil-eating attempt and a wheatgrass treat!

I’m watching Vincent like a hawk…


Okay…good, he is coming back to the house.

But wait, he suddenly turned and headed for the stash…

There he goes…

Stop, Vincent, stop!

I caught him licking the pebbles. Not eating soil, but just licking the pebbles.

So, I shooed him off from there.

He headed for the kitchen.

I know what he wants – he wants his wheatgrass.

Vincent loves wheatgrass. Actually, so do I. This brand tastes really, really nice.

His favourite canned food – Cindy’s Tender Chicken.

Look at that! Our panther devours grass!

I’m just so happy too, that Tabs can eat this wheatgrass powder.

She cannot eat the grass because she got sick twice after eating it. Maybe there’s some contamination in that plant which she is sensitive to.

Everyone loves wheatgrass!

More, please!

Look at ’em eyes!


I already gave him so much, so I decided not to overdose.

Can we make a deal here, Vincent? You stop sneaking out to eat soil and lick pebbles, then you get a treat of wheatgrass with Tender Chicken.



Let’s see if this works.

It’s from the last time when we tried to stop Pole from going onto the ledge. Pole and Cleo just nonchalantly walked through every single piece without even having to look down. Just walked through it all.