HOW did Bunny do it???

There was a heavy thunderstorm in Subang Jaya yesterday evening.

Normally, we will let the two sprayers (Cow & Bunny) in (from the pantry to the room) whenever it rains. Cow is afraid of thunder. Bunny isn’t, but we let both of them in.

But yesterday, when the thunderstorm began, before we could do anything, Bunny was already calling us from the grille! He had come in all by himself. Of course Indy (he climbs and scales the newly reinforced netting), Pole and Cleo were already inside.

Now, HOW did Bunny come in all by himself?


I’ve netted up till so high now.

I am 99.9% sure Bunny cannot climb. Why, way back in our old house where the grille consisted of big squares, Bunny had always been too lazy to even walk through the big squares (which he definitely could). He would wait outside until we opened the grille for him to walk in. THAT was how lazy Bunny was and we believe, still is.

Moreover, now he is 80% blind. So we would expect him to be even more….”disabled”?

This is Pole and Cleo’s entrance. Do you think Bunny could have come through this hole? We think…perhaps. Though Bunny is an eating-machine, he has somehow managed to maintain his size. Bunny isn’t obese.

When we first did this hole-entrance for Pole and Cleo (after all, the girls do not spray, so why should they be kept in the pantry, right?), Cow successfully enlarged the hole many times by biting off the netting. He did this so that he and Bunny could come in (and for Cow, start spraying and marking all over….again!).

It took us many weeks of repair work and we finally managed to make a Cow-proof hole that is the perfect size for Pole and Cleo to come in (without much effort – just a walk-through) and keep Cow, Bunny and Indy out (but Indy climbs in…however, he knew he shouldn’t spray so that was okay until he started spraying a bit again).

I’ve been cleaning their sprays for more than 6 years now and it had caused this excruciating backache (which is now history, all thanks to Stretch Therapy). But although it’s cured, I still do not want to have to bend to wipe the spray spots 20 times a day. It also stinks up the room, which isn’t fair to the girls and me.

So Bunny, just HOW did you come in?

There was definitely no sound of climbing. Indy makes a whole lot of noise when he climbs in.

Cow, how did Bunny come in?

It doesn’t quite make sense – if Bunny is able to come through the girls’ hole-entrance, then why doesn’t he come in every day, right?

Maybe he likes being out in the pantry. We know he likes to enjoy the night air in the evenings and he sleeps on the pebble slabs.

I devised this (based on my friend, Cathy’s genius idea – bending the netting outwards) so that I could open the window and Cow cannot come in. Without this, Cow could push open the netting and come inside (and start spraying immediately).

If I give them Coco&Joe’s barf, everyone polishes up the food within seconds so much so that you don’t even have time to take a photo!

Bunny, how did you come in? Aren’t you, like, 80% blind? That’s what the vet said…

Bunny: I’m a cat.

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