Vincent entertains guests

Subcut in the afternoon.

He will usually fidget about for the first few minutes before he settles down as in the video above.

Vincent is gradually going back to his normal routine.

We had a CCTV-man over today, and Vincent was the perfect host, entertaining him and even rubbing himself all over the CCTV-man’s legs. Then, the door was left open, so Vincent went out and tried to go near Mr Zurik.

Mr Zurik and Vincent were nemeses over 2 years but finally became friends.

But today, Mr Zurik almost hissed at poor Vincent. Luckily I quickly whisked Vincent back into the house.

A few days ago, Vincent also came up onto our bed, so we had four cats on the bed – Tabs, Heidi, Ginger and Vincent!

But Ginger has started bullying everyone now. He chases Tabs, smacks Vincent and bullies Heidi. Poor Heidi gets chased off by Ginger when she tries to make her customary 5am visit by jumping onto our bed. So, Heidi doesn’t come anymore….

A daytime trip onto the bed.

I think Ginger wants to be the HouseCat alpha.

We have the Cow Clan (led by Cow, and includes Bunny, Pole, Cleo and Indy), the HouseCats (Ginger, Tabs, Heidi, Vincent) and Mr Zurik (the porch cat and guardian).