Please spare me the emotional blackmail

We reject applications that are non-compliant or late. The policies are sent to every single applicant each time they write to request our financial aid. And this is regardless of how many times the person has applied to us.

So, the onus lies on the applicant to ensure that s/he submits compliant applications.

Sometimes, they don’t – If something is missing, we have to contact the applicant and ask for a re-submission – believe me this takes up MORE time than to process a compliant application.

But if it is late, there’s no turning back time, right?  So, we have to reject the application.

This is where the emotional blackmailing starts, ie. “I will NEVER help strays again.”, “I will stop my rescue work.”

Okay, it’s your choice.

Please spare me the emotional blackmailing.

No need to stoop so low.

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