Vincent’s day

Vincent has been eating very well. His pinch test is actually very good (like any normal cat). The only thing is that, probably due to the rainy weather, he has been sneezing for the last 3 days.


Vincent’s vet asked if he is solely on renal food yet. I said no, because Vincent doesn’t like the renal food. He is willing to eat a bit of the wet renal food, but not the kibble. The vet said to dry-blend the kibble and sprinkle it onto his food.

So, I dry-blended a bit today.

I sprinkled it onto Vincent’s raw food, mixed it and topped up the food with a layer of raw food. Vincent smelled it, looked up at me and he walked away.

Yikes! Come back, Vincent. I will take the powder away. Promise!

So, he came back.

Vincent: Raw is raw, okay? Don’t try and add anything to it. Raw is the perfect food for me. Don’t you think I know this? I’m a cat. Descended from leopards, okay? Leopards don’t eat food processed in labs.

But the vet wants Vincent to eat some renal food, so I managed to sprinkle some onto canned food and Vincent ate it up.

Vincent: You want to feed me your lab-food? Well okay, but not with my raw food. With canned food…okay, that’s fine. 

Okay, Boss. Okay.

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