Fidgety Vincent

Vincent really made today’s subcut difficult.

He normally likes it done on his left side, but we have been doing on this side for many days now, and we are supposed to alternate the sides.

So, we decided to try the right side today.

But he became fidgety until he was moving all over, almost like turning around in a circle and flipping over (imagine how hard it was to keep the needle in place!). He even attempted to scratch his ear with that right leg. Yesterday, he also scratched, and I let him and held down the needle (no easy feat, this).

So, he kept fidgeting until the needle fell off.

We had to do it again on the left side.

Again, he fidgeted until we needed two pairs of hands to hold him down.

Finally, the needle fell off again, but luckily, we had just reached 200ml (allowance given to the changing of needles, etc.) so we did not have to poke him a third time today.

I weighed him yesterday and he was a whopping 3.9kg! However, before breakfast this morning, I weighed him again and he was only 3.5kg.

Well, maybe the weight is still fluctuating but as long as there is a gradual increase and no decrease, I guess we ought to be thankful.

Weight notwithstanding, he sure looks a lot better and is more feisty.

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