Neutering aid for 2 dogs in Ulu Langat (Mary Woon’s)

We have sponsored RM200 for the neutering of these 2 dogs.

Ms Woon is a new applicant.

dear Dr.Chan

i am applying for the above dogs who are 7 odd months old.
one of the rescuers forwarded a facebook
plea to our ” love for animals chat” to save a stray who gave birth to 8 pups in a malay
lady’s compound in kg. Serai, ulu langat
i contacted the malay lady after 9 days and found out no one offered to help.
i drove from oug to ulu langat and load 9 dogs including mummy dog into my car.
Fortunately for me she was not aggressive
and after playing with her pups for 40 mins
mummy dog knew i meant well. It was 12th march 2018, i managed to get 3 pups rehome after 2 months but the rest are
still with me as 4 of them are female and not so ptetty.
8 of them are all vaccinated and dewormed all on my own.
1 am 65 yrs old, single and retired many years ago
Fyi, i have mailed out the form together with receipt yesterday.
yours faithfully
mary woon ( as per ic)


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