Vincent’s good day!

Yesterday was a setback-day for Vincent. Not only did he vomit twice, he also sneezed specks of blood again. During the start of the subcut, Vincent also coughed a few times. I was worried about this.

I texted the vet last night and the plan was to bring Vincent to her for a check-up today. For the sneezing, the vet said to apply the nose drop three times a day. The vet assured me that should there be fluids in the heart or lungs, it will not happen during the beginning of the subcut as it takes many hours for the fluids to get from under the skin to the other parts of the body. Maybe Vincent coughed due to phlegm or the flu.

However, after yesterday’s setback and worrying day, Vincent appeared to have a good day today!

He woke up bright and cheery. He ate very hearty meals – 5 times already and still counting!

He was totally cooperative during subcut as well. The vet said we could try 150ml from today, but we have to monitor the hydration by using the pinch test.

The vet said since Vincent is doing well today, there was no need to bring him in. We will keep to his appointment on Wednesday or Thursday. We will be testing his proteinurea level. It’s almost a month since he started the treatment under this vet.

The vet commented that he looks very alert in this photo!

Vincent also came downstairs this morning and accompanied me sewing! This is quite a breakthrough, actually, because he had been holed up upstairs for the longest time (ever since he migrated upstairs from the staircase, remember?). How, he has decided it is time to socialise again. Yay! I hope this means he is gaining back more confidence.

But he is still secretly licking soil!

Looking good, looking good!

Spot the difference!!


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