Of anecdotes, testimonials and the placebo effect

I’ve been researching “cures” and treatment for Vincent’s kidney disease and came to this, which I simply have to share, because it’s definitely food for thought: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2016/10/why-anecdotes-testimonials-cant-be-trusted/

And I have to share this picture too (because it’s so funny!):

It’s good to share and it certainly is good to learn, but ultimately, what works for one need not necessarily work for another. So, it’s all about relying on trial and error and using one’s gut feeling, isn’t it?

And listening to our pets, too?

Right now, Vincent absolutely hates the Azodyl. He just hates it. The vet says based on yesterday’s readings (urea reading out of whack, completely), Vincent’s Azodyl dosage should be increased from the current 1 capsule per day to 2. But the 1 capsule for more than a month seemed to have not worked. Maybe it’s not enough? Maybe it needs a longer duration? Or, maybe it just doesn’t work for Vincent but it works for other cats?

In any case, Vincent has decided that he hates the capsule. So, should we follow what Dr Becker and Dr Pierson says: Respect your pet and do not force.

The trouble with Azodyl is that you aren’t supposed to open up the capsule (as it’s designed to dissolve only when it reaches the gut, because that is where the urea is), so it has to be taken whole, as a capsule. Vincent hates the capsule even though it is relatively smaller than a normal capsule.

I have a friend who attests that Azodyl did not work for her dog. Another who also said it didn’t work for her cat. But if you look at the reviews of Azodyl, it has worked wonders on many kidney pets.

So, it boils down to “one man’s meat being another man’s poison”, so to speak.

A friend shared about Astro Oil: http://www.astroscrfoil.com/  (It worked so well for Astro the CKD cat.)

A senior vet whom I often consult (and who has saved many of our pets’ lives) recommends that we try. He is a very science-based man, but he doesn’t dismiss the fact that some not-yet-scientifically-tested methods/cures might just work.


By the way, Vincent ate like a horse (or a pig) this morning. And pardon the expression (I know it’s in bad taste), but he could have even eaten a horse, the way he ate non-stop until I had to stop him!  I am amazed at how he could eat so much, maybe the equivalent of 5 cans of food?  He ate homecooked, canned, raw, wet renal, dry renal, Cindy’s kibble.

Yes, semua taruh, semua mau.

He ate like a king this morning.

Why are you referring me to horses, pigs and human kings? 

I’m descended from panthers. Bagheera is my middle name. 

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