How Ginger annoys Bunny and Cleo (and everyone else!)

This is how Ginger does it:

This is how Bunny responds:

Bunny finds the whining very annoying.

I think Ginger is either attention-seeking or he wants to go out to the porch to sit under the cars, but Zurik is outside and Ginger had been attacked by Zurik a few times resulting in wounds that required antibiotics and dressing. We cannot risk that happening.

Or maybe, Ginger just wants his kibble dim sums. That’s “sums” with an “s”, it’s plural. He doesn’t eat a lot, but he wants to nibble on fresh kibble every now and then. It’s not a good habit and I’m trying to stop it by not entertaining him. You can give him 20 pellets and all he eats is maybe 5 pellets, and then he goes away and comes back in 10 minutes asking for another bowl. If he doesn’t get it, he whines.

He is already on the “fat” side. He doesn’t need all these dim sum sessions.  And he certainly isn’t starving.

I don’t like all this whining…can he please stop? 

You want me to take care of him? 

Leave it to me. I’ll take care of it.

And Cleo did. Very often, when Ginger whines too much, I would let him into the room (with me present). After all, the room is safe now – only Cleo, Pole and Indy get to come in.

One day, Ginger came in and started whining around. Cleo couldn’t stand it so she went onto one of the shelves, and smacked Ginger on the head.

Yups, she did that alright. And Ginger stopped whining!

The Cow Clan does not like whining. If you have something to say, just say it. And if you don’t get what you want, stop whining about it. Life isn’t a bed of roses. Get real.

Ok, no whining. Go to sleep.

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