Vincent’s day

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(Ginger is greedy)

Vincent has been eating Cindy’s canned food and homecooked food, mostly. I try to sneak in some raw food (Cubgrub) every now and then, but he would only eat a little bit. He doesn’t seem to like raw anymore.

Vincent has been eating, but not as voraciously as before. However, he eats very often. I can see that despite the subcut, he is still a little bit dehydrated. There’s nothing much we can do about this. It’s a typical symptom of kidney failure, due to the loss of fluids. I also think that the protein loss is ongoing. Although he eats a lot, he isn’t putting on weight. He might even be losing a little. But that is also typical of kidney failure. The weight will be on and off. Well, as long as he isn’t emaciated like before, I guess we ought to be thankful already.

As usual, he fidgets quite a bit during subcut. What I do nowdays is to let him get comfortable in the room, on the towel before doing it. I would even sit with him for awhile before beginning the procedure. I’m hoping that he would settle down and not be so fidgeting during the procedure.

However, the same happens….shortly after we start, he will start squirming, trying to flip over to the other side.

I’s not easy to stay still. Which cats likes to have a needle poked in? It’s already so good that he lets me do it and is reasonably calm.

I managed to steal 2 seconds off (lifting my hand) to take this photo today!

It was only towards the very end that Vincent would fall asleep!

See? Sleeping already!

At least he hasn’t meatloafed in the last few days.

Vincent now sleeps in Ming-Yi’s room. It is his room now. It’s also where I do the subcut, so it’s good that he recognises this room as his room.

Eating another small meal.

Vincent doesn’t want raw food anymore, so I’m relying on Bunny to finish up the Cubgrub Duck that I bought (especially for Vincent). Maybe it’s just a phase and he will go back to raw food again. The current hot favourite for him is the three flavours of Cindy’s and homecooked food. I am glad he is eating homecooked too (it has many supplements).

Tabs eats whenever Vincent eats!

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