Avant Pet products and the Double Charity Project

Good news!

We received good response yesterday, after the announcement of our “Double Charity” project (donation to our Neutering Fund and petfood for shelters/feeders).

For the above, the minimum purchase is RM350 and we will deliver it to the shelter/address in the Klang Valley for free. For out-of-state purchases, courier charges apply unless we are able to piggyback on the company’s transport.

Avant Pet has also agreed to help us courier any personal orders of any amount, should you wish to purchase any Avant Pet products on our list. There will be courier charges, of course.  But if it’s RM350 and above, free delivery can be arranged (only to the Klang Valley).

Thank you very much, Avant Pet!

Our merchandise: https://myanimalcare.org/gifts/

Our Double Charity Neutering/Food Project:


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