Blanket No 203 (Bluestars): sold for RM500!!

There was only one single bid for Bluestars so the blanket goes to Sis Nanda for her generous bid of RM500!!!

Thank you very much, Sis Nanda!

100% of this donation will be channeled immediately to our Neutering Fund for street animals. We always put your donation to work immediately (for the next claims that come in).

The next blanket will be a blue-green blanket with cartoon characters (we had two requests for a boy-blanket).

Also, we received an order for a baby girl blanket (baby sized, ie. roughly 3 ft by 3 ft) and also a baby owl. And I had such fun doing the baby girl blanket! Today I will be doing the baby owl.

What fun!!!

We did receive orders of blankets too (adult size), but the problem is, the donor would have to give us a free rein in deciding the design and fabric. Otherwise, it is going to be very difficult to please each person’s individual tastes.

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