Vincent, Heidi and Cleo

Here’s an update on Vincent, Heidi and Cleo.

Cleo? What’s wrong with Cleo?

About Vincent first then. Vincent has been choosy over food again. But the only life-saver food that he is willing to eat is Cindy’s Tender Chicken. When all else fails, it’s Cindy’s chicken to the rescue, so I make sure I have ample supply of this in the house.

But yesterday, even Cindy’s chicken did not work.

Oh no………

He played the staring game….

Just kept looking at me.

What would you like, Vincent?

Once I tried walking away, but he didn’t budge. This means he wants to eat, but I couldn’t read his mind and I didn’t know what he wanted.

But this time, I tried (to read his mind!).

I have these foods on standby: Monge’s canned, Cindy’s canned (3 flavours), Cubgrub (depending on which flavour I have defrosted), Coco&Joe’s (depending on which is defrosted), Primal (2 flavours) and of course, homecooked.


I got it right!

He wanted Cindy’s Tuna with Chicken. Not Monge’s but Cindy’s (with broth). I know he likes the broth.

Yay!!  And he ate a whole can of it.

This morning, it was homecooked for everyone in the kitchen. Just plain old simple home-cooked food (it’s chicken with added taurine, Vit E, B-Complex, fish oil and bone meal plus lite salt).

Only home-cooked this morning.

Not meatloafing, so that’s good.

Now, about Heidi.

Heidi had not been looking or feeling so well for many days now. We didn’t know what was wrong, but it didn’t look like a trip to the vet’s was warranted. She was choosy over food, but at least I found that she loved Primal so I gave her that.

Today, this morning, I finally found out why!

It was hairball.

She vomited a entire length of hairball out, along with some yellowish brown liquid.

That did it!

Happy again!

Next time, I will give her virgin coconut oil (to help with the expelling of the hairball). Also, we haven’t been going out for taiji much due to the rain, so she didn’t get to eat her special stash of grass at the field. That helps with hairball too. Heidi doesn’t eat lemongrass (serai) – Tabs and Bunny go for that.

All okay now.

And last but not least, Cleo.

Nothing much is wrong with Cleo.

The only thing is, she always has this habit where she eats a bit and then runs off to the sand litter at the extreme end of Bunny’s garden and poops. Yes, it’s like what little children do – eat a bit and then go poop. And she won’t come back immediately. She’d hang around in the garden and by the time she actually comes back (if I’m not monitoring), Bunny would have gone for her food. Or if I have to rush off to work, that’s it for her.

But the thing is, she seems to be okay, so it looks like she only needs to eat a little bit of food. If she gets another portion when she comes back after pooping and “sight-seeing”, it’s a bonus.  If not, she will just wait for the next feed at 1.30pm, and she will do the same again – eat a bit, then go off to poop. And sight-see.

Meanwhile, it’s quite amazing and unbelievable, but Bunny can come through this hole.

Yes, this Bunny Bun Buns!

And Cow has to “ask” to come in, especially when there is thunder.  He’s afraid.  Bunny isn’t.

But when Cow comes in, I will end up having to mop the floor, the crevices and change the bedsheet cover on the bench.  Sigh….(yes, the spraying).