A baby gift set (fundraising)!

One of our long-time friend and supporter, Belle, commissioned us to sew a baby gift set for her. Belle requested for a baby blanket and an owl soft toy.

Belle banked in her kind donation of RM300 for this and I started work on it three days ago. It would have been faster but I had to go to work this weekend and there were also many AnimalCare matters to attend to, plus caring for Vincent, etc.

But it was SUCH fun doing this set!

This blanket is made with strips of 11 different fabric.

Since it is a baby blanket, the size is approximately 3 ft square.

Then, I decided to do a flower applique using felt.

Choosing the felt colours to match, drawing the paper pattern and hand-stitching the applique.

And the flower is done!!

The backing is done in teddy bear flannel. I did the backing myself since mum is busy sewing the backing for Blanket No. 204. We cannot always use flannel for the backing, though, as I don’t have much of it. In fact, this is the last piece of flannel and the size was absolutely perfect for this baby blanket.

Heidi says “Okay, now proceed with the owl.”

I haven’t sewn an owl for quite sometime now, so I had to look for my paper patterns.

That’s the paper pattern and I chose a floral fabric as the base. Sewed in the “wavy lines”, the red wings and then, placed the pieces for the eyes, beak and little feet.

Everything after that was hand-stitched.

Stuffed it with kapok. Hence, it is washable.

And since it’s a toy for a baby, I decided not to leave the feet flapping, but to sew them to the body so that it won’t pose any hazard. Should the kapok “flatten” out, one can just open up the bottom and refill it with more kapok. And it will be a toy that can last a lifetime!

And we are done!! It took me several hours to do this, but it was such fun!!

Another one-in-a-million (literally!) unique owl, hand-stitched with love from AnimalCare!

So, here’s Belle’s Baby Girl Gift Set!!

If you’d like to order a set, please write to me at chankahyein@gmail.com. You may request for pink or blue (it depends on available fabric). All I ask is this: Please give us a free rein to decide on the design. Rest assured I will definitely do the best I can for you and it will be sewn with lots of love! I’m not a professional tailor nor am I a creative person, so my handicraft is far from perfect, but it’s the imperfections that make it unique, isn’t it?

Thank you very much, Belle! Your donation and support mean a lot to us!

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