Blanket No 203 (Bluestars) – resold for RM300 (total RM800)!

Blanket Bluestars goes to YL Chow for her generous bid of RM300!

So, thanks to Sis Nanda and YL, Bluestars fetched a total of RM800 for the animals!!

Thank you so much!!

Have a happy home and keep your owner warm, Bluestars!

It was worth every effort put in to sew all these little pieces together!!

Blanket No 204 is the Baby Girl Blanket (ordered by Belle), so coming up next will be Blanket No 205 which is a blue cartoony blanket!

Blanket 204 (Baby Belle) is on its way to Belle’s!

Together with Baby Owl.

Heidi is guarding Blanket No 205 – wait for it!

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