Breakfast time!!

Today’s fare (from left): Mercola’s Probiotics (if possible to sneak some into Vincent’s food), Cubgrub’s Duck (his favourite Cubgrub flavour), Cubgrub Chicken (as contingency), rehydrated Primal Turkey and Primal Chicken & Salmon, Coco&Joe’s Turkey Recipe, leftovers from last night (a bit of Gold-D mixed with some Coco&Joe’s).

Let’s see what Vincent wants this morning.

We started with Primal (no, I did not sneak in the probiotics today, didn’t want to risk it), then Cubgrub’s Duck (oh wow….he hadn’t eaten for sometime, so he ate quite a bit) and ended with Coco&Joe’s Turkey Recipe. He did not finish the Duck, though, and after that he hung around (which means he wants something else which I hadn’t covered), so I gave him Cubgrub’s Chicken and he ate that as well.

So, Vincent had chicken, duck and turkey for breakfast. Talk about protein rotation within one meal!

So yes, it’s a good start to the day!

We didn’t need Cindy’s Chicken today. Normally, we need that to start it off. I think that’s still his favourite food.¬† Plus, he likes my homecooked too (yay!).

By the way, this is Heidi and Primal is the only raw food she would eat. She doesn’t eat Cubgrub or Coco&Joe’s. Heidi likes Cindy’s and homecooked too. So, to each his/her own. Heidi doesn’t seem to like “raw-raw”.

If we forget to cover the wok, there she would be!

This is the rehydrated Primal. Normally I do it on the spot (fresh), but this was done last night. The packet instructions say not to keep it (refrigerated) for more than 3 days. If I do it, I only keep it for about half a day.

Vincent looked much better since I started him on Primal (maybe it’s because he was fed-up of the “older” foods and welcomed a change). Also, if he eats Primal, I noticed that he didn’t need to eat so often. Maybe I control the water content and it has less water than “raw-raw” and so it has more “meat”, percentage wise?

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