An update from Kelantan

If you are one of our followers, you will know the number of applicants who come through us on a daily basis.  Now, we have more applicants from other states and this is really very encouraging.

Mr Lim is one of our applicants from Kelantan and he is an elderly dog rescuer. We helped him with the neutering of his rescued dogs and recently, he sent this update.

Of course we assured him that rehoming (to a safe and good home) is much better than leaving the animals homeless. In this case, Lulu and Lola have been rehomed to a factory and Mr Lim can visit them anytime.

Yes, of course he would miss them so much. This is totally understandable.

So, this is what feeders and rescuers go through – it’s not easy. They care for street animals and they would surely develop a bond with them (this shows how much they care for their wards). We are only human. Non-attachment is easier said than done.

And then comes the time when you have to let your wards go, for their greater good.

So, kudos to all feeders and rescuers out there who work tirelessly and cope with the physical and emotional upheavals that come with their noble work.

Kudos to them all!

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