Gems of wisdom from a new rescuer

Mr Ho is a new rescuer from Ipoh. He’s the one I was very impressed with, not only because he endeavoured to learn as much as he could on how he can help street animals effectively, he is also incredibly well-mannered and polite.

Such a gem, really.

When he first contacted me to apply for neutering aid, he not only sent me photos of the areas and dogs whom he feeds, he even sent videos as he drove his motorbike up to these areas on this evening rounds after work, carrying bags of kibble for the dogs. The area that he covered at the time was, sadly, a dumpsite of captured dogs. Well, the consolation is that at least these dogs still had a chance to live on, albeit the fact that without human help, they would likely starve. Dogs are not as resilient as cats when it comes to survival.

In the videos which he took (plus commentary), I saw the dogs coming up to him so happily – that’s enough proof.

Then, he showed me how he made small make-shift shelters for these dogs so that they would have protection from rain. He used planks as well as concrete items. And all this is done after work.

He is non-literate in English, so we communicate through whatsapp voicemail, in Cantonese.

I would like to share something that he told me yesterday.

He is currently helping and encouraging a couple from another state (who, incidentally will be applying for our aid too) with their neutering work. This couple just started when they found a dog on the road. However, the couple’s elderly at home had not been too happy that they had spent (so much) money on neutering and caring for a stray dog. The couple even bought a cage to nurse the dog during recovery.

So, here’s what Mr Ho advised (I’m translating as best I can):

Explain to your elderly that the RM250 spend on neutering the dog is not just for one dog, but for many. Think of it this way: If this one dog is not neutered, she will give birth to a litter of, say, 5 puppies. And she will keep breeding. Her 5 puppies will then grow up in no time and start breeding as well. So, from 5, you will have 25, and more, until hundreds.

So, do not think that the RM250 was spent in just helping one dog. Think of it as having helped 250 dogs, then it will only come to RM1 per dog. That’s not too much, is it?

Brilliant, I’d say! Brilliant!

I hope it works on the particular elderly and I hope this will be a good start to the birth of another two Malaysian rescuers!

Thank you, Mr Ho!





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