How can we raise more funds?

This month started off so well with the RM5380 raised from the Stretch for Good workshop (thank you, Stretch Therapy Malaysia and all participants). The RM5380 will last us about 7-10 days of paying out claims, which is a big, big help.

You might remember too that we have been living with a shortfall of about RM5000 each month. Well, for this year, our biggest shortfall was about RM12,000 in March. That was scary!

As for now, this RM5380 raised from the workshop will cover the shortfall from mid-October till now.

But we would need to keep looking for new ways to raise this RM5000 shortfall on a monthly basis.

On top of that, there are more and more new applicants, especially from other states. This is all very encouraging as it means more and more people are jumping onto the bandwagon to become rescuers and feeders of street animals. This is the way to go!

However, as one person, there is just so much that I can handle. I’m already up to my neck processing claims, responding to emails and voicemails every single day. Last night I slept at midnight as I was just too tired to finish processing yesterday’s claims. This morning, I got up at 3am to continue processing those claims. If they are straight-forward (no mistakes) claims, it’s faster. But if it’s the mistakes-for-the-umpteenth-time claims and having-to-deal-with-whiners type of claims, then it’s going to be painful and time consuming.

Ideally, we are striving to get more and more people to practise CNRM, so new applicants are most welcome. We need funds to help the increasing number of applicants.


(1) Can the “old applicants” find ways to be independent? For some of them, we have already helped them with tens of thousands through the years, can they please find other means of sourcing funds so that we can help the newbies?

(2) Can the Selangor applicants please consider applying to other Selangor funds so that we can free up our funds for those from other states?  The neutering idea is catching on in other states and we would dearly like to see that grow. Yes, “breed”, if you will!

(3) Our appeal to old applicants to donate RM10 per month was unsuccessful. It fell on deaf ears. So, we asked if RM5 per month (15 sen per day) was possible and even that fell on deaf ears. So, that’s out.  How about RM1 per month then?  Might this be possible? After all, the RM1 is going back to you too.

(4) Our appeal to our FB followers (today’s check, we have 4558 followers) is RM1 per month (that would be 3 sen per day) to see the continuity of AnimalCare as a Neutering Fund. Will you be willing to help, please?

(5) I was hoping to ignite the blanket auctions, but it looks like that’s not catching on. I can find the time to sew, and now, my friend, Grace (plus her daughter) are also interested to help sew, but the auctions aren’t catching on at all. We know that most of you have already bought enough blankets from us, so how about buying them as gifts or getting more friends to buy them?  Do you think Christmas and Chinese New Year might see more blanket sales? There was a supporter who only wanted to buy the blanket and not bid for them. But we don’t know how much to price it at if it’s a buy-now item. Can anyone suggest a price for the amount of work that we put in? Can anyone suggest a platform where we can sell them off, hopefully through an auction? It has to be kept within Malaysia because overseas postage is just far too expensive.

(6) To all our friends, if you can think of more ways for us to keep raising the shortfall of RM5000 per month, please leave a comment or write to me at

(7) AnimalCare will only last as long as I live. So, I hope younger people will start neutering funds as our country has a long, long way to go to achieve the stray-free status. Maybe, 500 years? After all, Netherlands (with the support of their government, took 200 odd years).

We have a long way to go, but we need to keep moving in that direction. One baby step at a time.

Thank you!!  We need your help with ideas and suggestions, please.


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