Ginger’s bullying continues – caught in action

I was getting ready for Vincent’s subcut today. Ginger marched into the room to inspect everything.

Ginger: I’m staying to watch.

But Vincent wasn’t in the room. He had probably gone downstairs, so I went down to look for Vincent. Ginger followed me down too and we found Vincent drinking water at the patio. As I was about to go out to carry Vincent in (to take him upstairs), Ginger beat me to it. He surged ahead of me, lunged onto the chair (Vincent was under it) and made a loud noise (pushing the chair).

Vincent had a shock of his life (imagine if you were drinking water peacefully and suddenly, a loud noise sounded right above you) and ran away.

Poor Vincent….

He ran for cover to his latest “nest” by the plants. I scooped him up and carry him upstairs to his room for the subcut.

Ginger wasn’t allowed in this time. I was afraid he would disturb (sabotage?) the subcut procedure.

A reminder in large print – for me!

I get up at 4.30am every morning because there’s just so much to do and I can get a lot done early before dawn breaks. Vincent also has this habit of waking me up sharp at 2.30am every day!

Over the past few days, it’s been very hectic, processing claims and dealing with incomplete claims, having to contact the applicants for resubmission.

Wednesday’s claims.

Thursday’s claims.

Look at the number of claims in a day. If applicants do not cooperate and get all the documents in order, for each incomplete application, I have to contact the applicant (through email, whatsapp or by phonecall) and each incomplete application has its own story. It can be a case of a missing bank account number, missing signatures, missing clinic stamp, missing date, incomplete photos, not using real names (this is the most annoying – don’t they know their own names?), etc. Sometimes, I spend hours just processing claims alone. Then, comes to banking in of the aid that we provide, then publishing each claim in the blog for accountability to our donors. It’s a lot of work and it’s exhausting!


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