The first cushion casualty and Ginger’s jealousy

So, Vincent had two velvety cushions – the happy sunflower and the big paw.

But Ginger has been very jealous of Vincent for a few weeks now. He had been going up and down the stairs to check out Vincent’s things in the room. I even caught Ginger going up onto the subcut table to check out the fluids.

As far as Ginger is concerned, it just isn’t fair, you know.

How come Vincent gets all kinds of foods, how come he gets to eat all the time, and he gets subcut every day? What about me? How come I don’t get this subcut thingie? And now he gets cushions??  What about me???

I guess the cushions were the last straw for Ginger. It was just too much for him to bear, you know.

So, what did he do?

He jumped up and pee-ed on Vincent’s sunflower cushion. Then, he pee-ed on our cushions too.

So yes, the first cushion casualty was the happy sunflower. Luckily you could just dump it into the washing machine to get it washed. Easy peasy – it can be spun dry as well.

Ginger: You see? Why does Vincent get all this special food, and why does he get a pretty bowl?  And all I get is a lousy steel bowl, with no patterns? It isn’t fair. 

To get Vincent to eat, the trick is to surprise him at every meal. So recently, I ordered two Monge flavours which I’ve almost never given them before for many years – Chicken with Omelette & White Bait and Seafood with Chicken (both of which, as I recall, our cats didnt quite like). I was taking a chance.

And guess what, I hit the jackpot!

Vincent LOVES these “new” flavours!

There’s quite a bit of gravy in both, so it’s excellent as Vincent loves gravy.

Feeding time!

As for Ginger, don’t know if he’s so upset until he scratched his own ear, but we discovered a self-inflicted wound on his ear this morning, so we took the opportunity to take him upstairs, place him on Vincent’s subcut mat and gave him some “treatment”.

He was clearly….so happy.






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  1. Angie

    Ayoyoyo Ginger ginger… Why u jealous! So cute la u.