Raw liver to the rescue!!! (Vincent eats!)

I tried to keep as calm as I could, especially in front of Vincent. I went to check on him many times this morning. He was lying down on the bed.

I offered a bit of food again, but he did not want to eat any of it. So I let him be. No point forcing him, especially when he hates being forced. A soldier has his pride.

But while I was hanging up the clothes, I cried. I couldn’t help it.  As prepared as I thought I would be….is it happening now? We have been through so much, Vincent. You and I. Sigh…

Everyone has to go one day, I reminded myself. This is a fact. Nobody gets out alive. I guess I can accept death, but I fear suffering. Death is the end. But before that, there might be pain and suffering. Pain is physical while suffering is mental. Yes, I fear suffering. I fear when the mind isn’t strong enough to overcome the physical pain. That’s me speaking as a human, though. How does it work for cats?  We don’t know, do we?

Anyhow, I was determined to make Vincent as comfortable as possible. I needed to get him some painkillers; Tramadol (of which he was on previously) is easy to administer as it’s a cream to be applied to the inside of the ear and it should be absorbed quite fast, I assume. Vincent HATES being pilled.

I had already texted the vet this morning and she later replied saying that I could drop in and pick up the meds. That would be in PJ.

And I was also thinking, could there perhaps be new ulcers in the mouth and are causing pain, so Vincent is unable to eat? I couldn’t see any but he has bad breath again now. So, remember when he first had bad breath and really bad ulcers, all he could eat was raw chunky chicken fillet and slices of liver?

Why don’t I go get that?

So, I drove to PJ to the vet’s. I cried as I was driving. I know I must NOT cry in front of Vincent, so I will cry when I’m “out of range”.

It was quite a distance, especially in my little Kelisa and with the traffic jam. I had forgotten the time. 9.15am – traffic at its peak.

I reached the vet’s and half-expected her to tell me that “this is it”. But no, she did not. She asked for all the facts and explained that she would be prescribing Tramadol (slighly increased dosage), twice a day. Plus, an appetite stimulant which, thankfully, is also a cream to be applied on the inside of the ear but this can only be given ONCE in three days. This appetite stimulant is Remeron (Mirtazapine), only in cream form.  Vincent was on Remeron previously too, but that was an oral medication.

The vet gave me three syringes of Tramadol, and I almost said: Do I need so many? And she asked many questions about Vincent’s present condition too. Then, she told me that if Vincent still doesn’t eat by tomorrow, I’m to bring Vincent in for a blood test and depending on the results, there are still things to be done.

I was so thankful that Vincent’s vet is so proactive. Vincent has a problem, he is not eating – let’s fix it. Yes, let’s fix it even though it’s end-stage kidney failure. We will do our best to fix it so that he can eat again.

I am so thankful for a vet who doesn’t give up easily. It’s not easy to find a vet like this.

I also asked if Semintra might be unsuitable for Vincent since he hates it with all his might. The vet said it is hard to tell, but sometimes, when a cat (or any animal) dislikes something so much, it puts them off their appetite too.

I’m to continue with the daily subcut as well.

Vincent’s kidneys could be shutting down and he could also be anaemic, which leads to him feeling lousy.

These are all possibilities, but first things first – let’s get him to eat.

So I got the meds and I also bought a can of Recovery and AD, both of which Vincent doesn’t really like, but it won’t hurt to try.

I drove home and upon reaching Subang Jaya, I quickly turned into Empire’s Jaya Grocer to get the raw chicken fillet and liver. It’s just intuition – maybe, just maybe, he might eat that. Liver is good if Vincent happens to be anaemic.

I got home and went up to check on Vincent. He was lying down on his side on the bed. Laterally recumbent.

I quickly applied both the Tramadol and appetite stimulant on the inside of either sides of his ears. Then, I went down to clean up the chicken and liver, and packed them into small Tupperwares.

After about 20 minutes or so, I was debating whether to try and Recovery or the raw chicken and liver. The latter combo won. So I brought a bowl upstairs.

I know Vincent loves raw chicken liver.

Did he eat it? He started by looking away, but after I coaxed him a bit…


He was eating!!!!

And what about me??

Makan, Vincent, makan!!

Vincent left these.

It’s good enough, Vince old boy! It’s good enough!!

Hang in there, soldier!

I brought up a litter box and Vincent used it too.

And we shall rejoice in this moment, folks!

Thank you, everyone, for all kind wishes and prayers!! Thank you!







2 responses to “Raw liver to the rescue!!! (Vincent eats!)”

  1. FM

    Press on Vincent, u can do it.
    Lots of love ???

  2. CW Lee

    Dear Dr, just know how u feel, the fear of suffering; mental anguish that we have to face when their life comes to an end. I just lost one of my cat of ten years last nite n I’ m in grief. You r right about how they can tolerate illness until it became critical. I’m in my 60’s & the emptiness is unbearable, thought of adopting new babies but fear of the cycle of loss again. ( what happen if I die before them?) anyhow just like to let you know you are a very wonderful person, you r not alone when have to face that tragedy . Just cry your heart out. I know I will shed my tears too