Vincent, at dawn

I woke up at 4am today. Vincent was on his bed. He has been using the litter box, so that’s good.

I went downstairs to prepare for everyone’s breakfast but Vincent did not come down.

So, after serving everyone, I decided to bring Vincent downstairs. He should get out of bed a bit.

It’s back to those days again (sigh). He wants to eat, but I don’t know what he wants. I tried his previous-favourite Cindy’s Tender Chicken – no. Renal wetfod (whose gravy he likes) – no. I even tried renal kibble (which he was crazy about just a few days ago) – no. Recovery – no.

Raw chicken fillet and liver? Well, just a bit. He did eat some liver. This is from yesterday. Maybe he wants it freshly bought from Jaya Grocer?

I tried Primal – no. Cubgrub – no. By then, I knew it’s futile. He wants to eat, but he cannot eat.

Last ditch effort…Monge’s Chicken with Omelette and White Bait (he loved it so much a few days ago) – no.

The vet did say yesterday that perhaps Vincent’s kidneys are shutting down. If so, the BUN and creatinine would shoot up and these toxins will affect his appetite. There may be ways to reduce this condition, but a blood test would be required. Vincent could also be anaemic and that would affect his appetite too. Or could it be the mouth ulcers? Does he need Metrogyl for this?  I cannot open his mouth wide enough to look.

Do I want to cart Vincent to the vet’s for this? He seems “better” today than he was yesterday, though. “Better” as in, I think he can travel in the car.

I’ll consult the vet on this.

Vincent wet the bed again, all the way to the mattress. I think I’m going to get bed liners for him.  At least that would preserve the mattress.

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