Hmm….a bit late, aunty (sudah dikorek habis)

Remember how I wrote to many applicants, especially the serial ones, to ask if they would be willing to donate back RM10 a month (30 sen per day) to the Fund during these difficult times, so that the Fund can keep afloat and we can continue helping everyone?

No one responded, and instead, the weekly maximum claims continued coming in.

But before that, I MUST thank the applicant who, on her own, had always reduced RM10 from every claim she made. I must also thank the few applicants who, on every Hari Raya, would bank in a donation to our Fund. And another one whom we’ve only helped TWICE (yes, just twice), but on her own, she would bank in a donation every now and then and label it as “anonymous”. I know it’s her because it’s an interbank transfer and the name appears (Thank you, Puan!).

And I must also thank our latest applicant from Ipoh who (yes, he doesn’t read English or BM and only owns a motorbike), when he heard that we are short of funds, decided not to claim for the 3 dogs he had got neutered. He only claimed for one. He said he will endeavour to pay for as many neuterings as he can, despite his blue collar job. I assured him that being new, we can help him. Our priority is to help the new ones.  Despite this, he said no, he will still endeavour to pay for some of the neuterings himself.

And there was also one applicant, who applied to us for only a very short time, just when he was starting out. After that short period, he managed to be independent and since then, has fully funded his rescue work. Not only that, but he gave back every single sen he had ever claimed from us, through monthly donations (he kept track, not us) and after that and until today, he continues giving donations to our Fund.

To the above, I thank them with all my heart. We always talk about goodwill. This is goodwill. And it’s sincere.

Goodwill and sincerity – two values that we live by.

Now, to continue my story….

If every applicant had been willing to donate RM10 per month to our Fund, we wouldn’t have needed to make the executive decision of reducing our weekly maximum claim to RM200 per week. We wouldn’t even have thought of imposing the “ceiling”.

But as luck would have it, no applicant heeded our appeal. No one offered to donate that RM10 per month back. So, rather than let AnimalCare die, we had to figure out some ways to keep the Neutering Fund afloat, even if it’s just to provide some help to newbies, as long as we can. Hence the two new policies:

(1) Reduce the maximum weekly claim from RM300 to RM200 per applicant.

(2) Impose a “ceiling” on each applicant. Once you hit that ceiling, we will give you one month’s notice that we can no longer help you.

And then, we got down to business identifying the serial claimants and we started sending out the one month’s notice.

We heard…that some of the affected (serial) applicants cried foul.

So, the news came back to us through a third party. We explained that we don’t have enough money to keep helping these serial claimants who have, individually received thousands or tens of thousands from us over the years. They max out their claims every week, so please do the math. Some started claiming WAY back when there was no weekly maximum too.

And to my utter surprise, suddenly some of these claimants NOW (yes only now) say they are more than willing to donate back the RM10 to our Fund every month. Why, a few even said they could give RM20 per month. I guess after receiving thousands and tens of thousands from us, giving back RM10 a month now doesn’t seem such an impossible task, does it?

But why only now?

Why not when I asked earlier?

The executive decision has already been made to impose the new policies. There is no turning back now. The ceiling stays.

So, hmm…it’s a bit too late now, aunty.

Tabung kami sudah dikorek habis.

If you had agreed a bit earlier, you know…it might have made a difference. But now? We are so sorry…

The ceiling stays.

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