Vincent’s liver meal

For lunch, which was already pushed to about 2pm today, I brought up Recovery (planning to force-feed Vincent) and a bowl of liver.

Vincent didn’t want any of it, so I had to force-feed him some Recovery, just to get some food into his stomach. He cannot go on like this, starving himself.

The taste of Recovery somehow led him to eat raw liver.

After eating, Vincent pawed his mouth a lot. Poor thing…it must be painful.

Vincent finished all the raw liver. I know, I know..he’s not supposed to eat so much liver, but it’s the only thing he is willing to eat. I cannot let him starve.

I force-fed a spoonful of Recovery, just to ensure he has some food besides all the raw liver. He hates being force-fed.

By the way, we now use a tarpaulin to cover the bed and put a blanket over it. The bed-liners aren’t cost effective.

Me is a Zen cat.

The “spoilt brat”…haha.