Vincent still has no appetite

Vincent has no appetite. Sigh…

This has proven to be a big hurdle for us.

This morning, I offered him food, but he didn’t want any of it.  So I had to force-feed some Recovery. He doesn’t like this. He doesn’t like being force-fed. I know. Vincent is a very proud cat. Last night, I opened the AD (I thought that would be my last trump card) – he hated it. Most cats like AD. Vincent hates it.

He hates AD more than Recovery, but both are on his “hate list”.

After force-feeding a little bit of Recovery, I tried a bowl of liver and chicken fillet.

I held my breath. Dare not even move a muscle.

Yes, he ate. Even though it wasn’t much, still…he ate on his own.

Around mid-morning, I carried Vincent down to the patio so that he could get some sun. Sunshine is always healing.

He went to his favourite patch.

I placed a used bed-liner on it since the soil could be wet.

This is his other favourite soil patch.

For lunch, Vincent rejected all food. I tried to force-feed and this was met with great resistance. He refused to eat his bowl of liver and chicken fillet too. I tried force-feeding this – it was okay. He ate some, but definitely not enough.

I’ve consulted the vet and she thinks the anaemia is causing Vincent discomfort and having no appetite. So the next thing we can do is to administer the hormone injection (darbepoetin). This will be given once a week only. And Vincent would need some iron supplement.

Let’s hope it works and Vincent will feel better after this.

I remember the EPO hormone injection did not work for Baggy and Rosie. Darbepoetin is supposed to be better and less resistant.

We can only try.

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