Vincent to the vet’s (1st Darbepoetin jab)

We took Vincent to the vet’s this morning.

On the way there.

We were the first patient of the day.

The vet checked Vincent’s mouth thoroughly and while there was some pus in certain areas, the mouth, as far as we could see, isn’t that bad. So, perhaps it is the esophagus and the digestive tract. Maybe it’s all “burning” so it’s painful. To counter this, Vincent was given an antacid injection (it would work faster than a tablet or liquid medication).

Vincent has already developed a repulsion towards food now and this is especially so when he hates anyone handling his mouth. There’s also his pride as well.

Can’t really blame him, the mouth must be very painful. We already have Tramadol as a painkiller, at 3 times the previous dose now.

The vet also precribed Kaminox, from VetPlus.

A tasty liquid supplement designed to help support cats with signs of poor kidney function which can cause low potassium blood levels. Kaminox contains potassium, vitamins, amino acids and iron to support many aspects of your cats health.

The above supplement acts as an iron supplement for Vincent. This would be needed because we also did the first Darbepoetin (hormone) injection today. I have to buy the whole syringe, which is for 4 times (one injection per week).

Darbepoetin alfa injection causes the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. If the body does not produce enough red blood cells, severe anemia can occur. This often occurs in people with chronic kidney failure whose kidneys are not working properly. Darbepoetin may be used for patients on kidney dialysis or for those not on dialysis. Anemia can also occur in people who are receiving chemotherapy to treat cancer. Darbepoetin alfa is used to treat severe anemia in these patients. This medicine is available only with your doctor’s prescription.

I can only hope that whatever we have done today can bring some relief to Vincent and keep him comfortable. Hopefully, he can eat again. He weighed 3.36kg at the vet’s scale today. A definite decrease since he hadn’t been able to eat properly since Tuesday.

The vet administered the first dosage of Kaminox (which is supposed to be “tasty”) today, and Vincent resisted too, but at least he did not spit it out.

Vincent was also prescribed an antacid again (a different once this time, supposedly better).

So today, Vincent received three injections: (1) Darbepoetin (hormone for making red blood cells, to combat anaemia), (2) Antacid, (3) B12 (for appetite).

And this is what I have to do administer daily (in addition to his existing regimen) :

Antacid – once a day (1/6th of a capsule)
Kaminox – twice a day (1.5ml).

We came home and Vincent went to drink water. I have not seen him drinking water on his own for the past 2 day now, so this is “good”. At least it’s normal behaviour, ie. drinking water.

We are also concerned as the vet said Vincent’s bladder felt very small. If his kidneys shut down, he would have less urine too.

One day at a time.

Vincent will have to go back next week for a blood test (to monitor if the hormone injection is sufficient, etc.)

Now, I would have to force-feed Vincent some food. Wish me luck.

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