Vincent eats!!!!!

I don’t know if this is a one-off thing like that big bowl of liver that he devoured, but all we have are moments, so here are this morning’s happy moments.

I got up at 3am this morning because it rained. Last night, Vincent chose to sleep at his favourite soil patch, so we decided to let him. It’s good that he wants to be with Nature too.

Since it suddenly rained, and very heavily too, I quickly rushed downstairs to see to Vincent. He was faster than me, though, he had already gone under the shade of the trolley (leaned against the wall). This is also one of his favourite hide-outs.

I carried him upstairs and put him on the bed.

After that, I decided to (might as well) cook all the raw chicken that I had bought earlier, thinking that’s what Vincent wanted to eat. He doesn’t want it anymore, so I cooked it up as catfood for everyone. I also put more soup with the hope that perhaps Vincent might like some chicken soup.

When I started processing the catfood, something totally unbelievable happened.

I simply could not believe my eyes! Vincent had come down and was sitting in the kitchen, as though waiting for food.

You know, as I was cooking the food, I recalled how Vincent would always come to the kitchen when he smelled catfood being cooked and he would wait. And I wished….if only it could happen again, how wonderful that would be.

And would you believe it?  There was Vincent…right there!!!

Oh my gosh….!!!  Vincent is interested in food!!

What should I do??  Give him the catfood?  But it ‘s a bit too hot and he might be turned off and would run away.  Also, I had not added all the supplements yet.  I was in two minds whether I should add the supplements or just give him the plain chicken broth.

Before I could decide, Vincent had already walked off.  Oh no, oh no…come back, Vincent (no, I did not say all this aloud). I think I maintained a very calm demeanour…keep cool, keep cool.

I decided I might as well just add the supplements.

Ok, quickly, stir, stir, stir…

Once it was ready, I dished out a bowl (with more soup) and let it cool. Then, I went out to the patio to look for Vincent.

Vincent sniffed at it and turned away.

Sigh… But it’s okay, it’s okay. At least he has shown some interest in food by coming to the kitchen, right?  That’s good enough…

Then, I went back to the kitchen and packed all the catfood up into containers to be frozen.

After having done that, I thought I’d just try my luck, so I opened a can of Cindy’s Tender Chicken, which used to be Vincent’s favourite (but he also refused to eat it since Tuesday – wow, it’s already been a week of starvation, with the occasional and very few “lucky meals”).

I just placed the bowl in front of him.

Vincent started eating….!!!

This would be the most wonderful video EVER since Vincent devoured that bowl of liver last Wednesday morning.

He didn’t each much, but it was a good start. I can only hope that this is a “start” and not another one-off happy occasion.

I did try my luck later, but he didn’t want anything else.

I hope….I really, really hope Vincent can eat again.

Thank you very much, dear friends, for rooting for Vincent!