Vincent eats at his favourite patch

After the happy moments this morning, it was back to square one again – Vincent refused to eat…again.

I was almost out of ideas. Then, I thought since he was attracted to the aroma of the catfood this morning, why don’t I make chicken soup for him? Doesn’t hurt to try, right?

So I drove out this afternoon and bought a piece of chicken carcass and one whole leg. Came home and made “plain” chicken soup with carrots and salt. Nothing else was added, keeping is closer to “plain and natural”.

As I was cleaning the chicken, guess what? Vincent came into the kitchen and sat (as though waiting for food). Wow!

So I quickly cut off a few slices of raw chicken and offered them to him. Nope, he didn’t want any. I offered Chicken’s Tender Chicken – nope. Monge’s Chicken, Omelette and White Bait? Nope.

He then walked out.

Okay, never mind.

I made the chicken soup and after it had cooled, I offered some soup – Nope. Tak mau.

Okay, never mind. But it was time for his meds already. So I had to do the “evil thing” of forcing him to eat a bit of Recovery so that he could eat his meds. He HATES Recovery with a vengeance, I know.

Vincent hates all processed foods, especially the “baby food” (paste).

He particularly hates having any implement forced into his mouth, like a syringe. Oh, he hates that so much. He is okay taking the Fortekor and Metrogyl as both are tablets. I already skipped the Kaminox this afternoon as he doesn’t like it at all (yes, it’s a liquid so it involves syringing).

After that, I decided to just try my luck. Let’s give him the chicken carcass. I remember Vincent used to love eating boiled chicken (from a soup), but he only liked the parts with the bones.

So I tried…

Oh my goodness….Vincent is interested in the food!!

There were many pieces of meat in the bowl, but he picked out the whole chicken carcass…

And started eating it!!!

Yes, he put in on the soil to eat. I know it’s not exactly very clean, but if this is the only way he would eat, so be it.

And he ate!!!!