An early morning trip to the wet market and Vincent eats!!

I didn’t have any chicken in the freezer this morning.

It was 4am that I started preparing everyone’s food.

Vincent was upstairs. The only thing I had, closest to unprocessed chicken was the catfood I made two days ago (but this has added taurine, Vit E, bone meal, fish oil, B Complex and Lite Salt). I figured I’d just have to try and see if Vincent is willing to eat it. So I took out one container to thaw.

I think I got it all figured out. Vincent associates smells and food with how he feels. If that particular food was given when he was sick, that food gets labelled as “sick food” in his brain, and he will not want to eat it anymore (maybe later, I don’t know, maybe only after the memory is erased, then he might eat it again).  Not only that, I think he associates places with how he feel as well. The room upstairs is a “sick room”. So, no, he will not eat in that room. Maybe being in that room (after all, it’s also the subcut room) means he is sick. And it was also in that room that I force-fed him all his meds for the past 7 days.

If my theory is right, then I must not attempt to feed him in that room now. All attempts to eat must be done at a new venue.

Also, because Vincent was starving himself for 7 days, I had exhausted all the foods I have.  7 types and for each type, there were multiple flavours too.  For example, Monge – I had four flavours. Cindy’s – I had 3 flavours. You get the picture, right?  All of these can be thrown out of the window for Vincent for now. I’ve attempted all during these 7 days, because I was desperate to make him eat something.

I have to find him a new type of food.

And I did – yesterday! Boiled chicken. No additives, even though they are good nutrients (like vitamins, etc.). No, nothing is to be added. Go natural.

But it was 5.00am that Vincent came down to the kitchen to ask for food. Oh dear..I dont have chicken to boil/steam for you, Vincent. It was too late to go out to buy last night as I returned home from taiji at 10pm.

So I tried my luck…

Vincent, it’s too early for me to go out to buy chicken now, how about eating this catfood first? It’s still home-prepared. Has lots of vitamins…it’s good for you.


Vincent: No.

How about your favourite? Cindy’s Tender Chicken? I quickly opened a new can.

Just as I guessed, NO. Of course not, Cindy’s is “sick food”. All canned food is sick food.

Vincent walked out to the patio.

I decided to combine Cindy’s with homecooked. Whatever works, you know…

Vincent: I already said no, right? Which part of “no” don’t you understand?  I am hungry, but this is not what I want. I cannot eat this. It reminds me of being sick. I want something else and you KNOW what it is. Now, go get that for me, please? And stop forcing me to eat this food unless you want me to feel sick again. 

Okay, Okay.

So I had no choice but to get my raincoat (yes, it was raining this morning) and armed with a Tupperware container, I took my car keys and drove out to the wet market.

I haven’t been to the wet market for years, actually. Been only buying at supermarkets where it’s not “wet”, you know. I’m a little scared of wet floors. I might slip and fall. And also not wet markets.  You know, the sights, the smells, etc. And even if I do go, I don’t go near the meat section. And I’m very afraid of hostile stall operators too. Some of them can be very nasty. Had a bad experience with a vegetable seller before.

But for Vincent – all fears aside. Just go.

It was 5.30am and I know the market should already be open.

Yes it is! Hello, cat!

It was raining and the road was wet. Oh dear…don’t slip and fall. Just don’t slip and fall, please.

Here we go…where’s the meat section?

Okay, found it. Two chicken stalls were open. I looked at the faces of both operators and chose the friendlier looking one. He was friendly and very nice too. Phew! Got me two piece of whole leg which he so kindly helped me chop into halves as well. Got my chicken (but felt so sorry for all the dead chicken there, including the ones I had bought). On my way out, I saw kampung eggs, so I decided to buy some too. Now, this operator was one nasty woman. Hmm..first thing in the morning, and you are already so nasty?  Oh well, never mind.

I quickly drove home.

Look, Heidi.  I got these.

Vincent came in!! He knows!

Maybe he wants raw chicken? So I sliced up a few pieces and offered it to him.

He just licked the top.

Vincent: No, this is not what I want. 

Okay, we shall steam it then.

Vincent: I am waiting…patiently. 

Okay, Vincent, but it needs to cool down before you can eat it, alright?

It’s rare for Vincent to keep waiting. He is already quite an impatient cat. But he chose to wait today. So I quickly started “blowing” to cool the steamed chicken down.

Here we go…some meat and some bones, I know Vincent will not eat just the meat. He needs to be able to smell the bones too. He won’t eat the bones, he just needs to smell the bones.

Oh no…Vincent smelled it and turned away!

No, No, No….come back, come back…no, please.

I’ve got it wrong, I know. You want more bones?  You want chicken carcass? Which part do you want, Vincent?  Tell me, please.

Sigh…I’ve got it wrong again. Wrong parts.

I thought I’d wait for the supermarkets to open, then get the carcass, if that’s the only part he would eat. He loves chewing on bones. And he won’t touch raw bones, he wants it cooked. I know, not supposed to, but for Vincent, it’s between eating or starving to death. So, take your pick, you know.

But…Vincent came back and decided to give me a chance.

He came back.

And sniffed at my humble offering.

And decided he shall be merciful to me.

He ate!!!!

And left only two pieces, which Bunny ate up after that.

YES!!!  Vincent ate breakfast today!


I texted Vincent’s vet to tell her the good news. Had already updated her last night, but I wasn’t sure if it would be a one-off thing or it’s really a “start” of the meds working.

I pray it’s a start…

Thank you to all friends who have been rooting for Vincent (and me)! Thank you!!






2 responses to “An early morning trip to the wet market and Vincent eats!!”

  1. CW Lee

    What about steam fresh ikan kembong

    1. chankahyein

      Thanks, I can try that too! But based on last time, he didn’t like it and he had diarrhoea after eating ikan kembung.