And our soldier………EATS! (Vincent’s news)

I really did not expect this news!

Look at these videos sent by the vet just now.

He is eating cooked chicken here. Believe it or not?

And here…he is eating renal wet food and renal kibble!!!

Look at him eat!!

Can you believe our soldier?!!!

He is eating!!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these videos.  Look at how he is eating!!

Is it due to the IV?  Or, was Vincent plainly bullying me at home? He is eating renal wet food and renal kibble??!!  At home, he looks at me although I’m giving him “unfit food”! I have it all at home and have offered it to him.

I’ll like to believe that the IV has done him a lot of good. Probably made him feel much better so that he is willing to eat now. The wonders of the IV!!

The vet did communicate in the afternoon saying she had given Vincent barium (orally) to coat his gastrointestinal tract. I asked if Vincent fought and she said, “Yes, he is good at it.”

And here’s more news from the vet. She did a blood PCV test and Vincent red blood cells stand at…….


From Thursday’s 16% (one week ago) to today’s 20%!!  I hope this means that the Darbepoetin is working?

The vet has asked me to bring along cooked and steamed chicken tomorrow. Of course I will do that.

I hope this is not, again, just a one-off happy occasion. Vincent has given me too many of those lately!

Till tomorrow then.


Soldier on, Vincent ol’ boy!

And thank you to all dear friends for your very kind prayers and good wishes.  I may not have time to reply over FB, but please know I have read (if FB sent the notification) and I am truly very, very thankful to all of you! Thank you so, so much!

Thank you very much, Dr!!

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