Vincent is hospitalised, on IV (the drip)

As planned, I came back from work and started packing Vincent’s medication and things.

He has to be on IV already because he simply could not eat anymore and is just intent on starving himself to death.

The thick drooling from his mouth is bad.

I packed all his medication plus the fluids (in case the vet can use them). Also, my daily recording of this medicine schedule.

Vincent was in his corner, drooling thick saliva.

Then, he went upstairs.

At around 11am, we took him to the vet’s.

The vet agreed that he needs the IV. He hasn’t eaten properly since last Tuesday. Vincent weighed 2.99kg on the clinic scale. This is a massive lost of almost 800g over 10 days. Not surprising, because he hasn’t been eating.

The vet administered the drip, and she also added electrolytes to the fluids so that Vincent would have some nutrients. The vet will do the needful to make Vincent as comfortable as possible. Also, the antibiotics will be through the IV. Not oral.

In his cage at the clinic.

The thick drooling is very disturbing and it is the reason he simply cannot eat. I pray Vincent will be more comfortable.

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