Visiting Vincent this morning (and the kitten next door)

I made a fresh batch of steamed chicken this morning, to be taken to the clinic for Vincent.

The steamed chicken and 4 cans of Vincent’s (current) favourite food.

Here he is.

The vet said last night, he didn’t want to eat anymore. The videos posted yesterday were taken in the afternoon.

This morning, the vet placed a bowl of renal wet food for Vincent and he didn’t want to eat any of it.

Sigh…that’s Vincent’s style. He is VERY choosy when it comes to food.

But since I brought the steamed chicken and canned food, Vincent happily ate both.

I won’t be surprised if he rejects these tomorrow. Then, which shall we rotate back to?

The vet also said that yesterday, actually, it was Vincent who showed some interest in food. The vet was feeding the big dog there some chicken and Vincent came to his cage door. So, the vet took the cue and offered him some cooked chicken and that’s what started him eating. Then, he ate renal wetfood and renal kibble as well.

I’ve noticed that with Vincent even at home. He just needs a “starter” to get him interested enough to want to eat. A jump start, if you like.

But the million-dollar question is: WHAT is the jump-start food for that particular meal?

If only I knew the answer, I might be able to understand all the secrets of the universe!

He ate the steamed chicken and Cindy’s Tender Chicken. He devoured both. The cute thing is that he didn’t want to eat the steamed chicken from the bowl, he used his paw to push the steamed chicken out onto the floor of the cage and ate from there.

Jungle cat, right? Okay, we respect that. In fact, the vet helped him by dishing out the pieces onto the floor of the cage.

After eating, he slept.

The vet explained that Vincent’s problem is his painful mouth. It’s the rotten teeth, and yet none of those teeth are loose enough to be removed without sedation. It is too dangerous to put Vincent under sedation now for the purpose of removing those teeth.

Vincent had always had problems with his gums and teeth. Even last year, when he had stomatitis and went through two surgeries, his good teeth had to be removed to prevent his gums from getting inflamed. His gums are just too reactive.

Vincent was also bleeding from the nose this morning as well as yesterday. This is all related to the rotten teeth and the nasal infection.

The vet said Vincent may be discharged tomorrow or Sunday. We will put him on the drip for as long as it benefits him. He is getting his antibiotics through the IV and this is far more effective than oral antibiotics, especially with him getting so angry if anyone were to try to put anything into his mouth.

The vet said she will adjust his medication protocol to minimise the need to handle his mouth. Tramadol will have to be continued as the painkiller, and this is the cream which is applied into the inside of his ears, so that is perfectly alright. The subcut of 250ml will have to be continued too.

Meanwhile, next to Vincent is this very pretty and sweet little cat. She was rescued by the vet at the shoplots. The vet has spayed her and she is awaiting adoption now. I’m helping the vet to find a good home for her.

She is very sweet and certainly “manja” (affectionate). The vet says she is about 9 months old.

If you’d like to adopt her, please contact me directly at and I will give you the details.  Thank you so much.

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