Visiting Vincent (Day 3)

Today is Day 3 for Vincent at the clinic.

Hi, Vincent!!

The vet says Vincent had some loose stools this morning, so he cannot be discharged yet. Most likely tomorrow then.

The drooling is still pretty bad.

Sigh…this mouth/gum problem must have started quite a long time ago. Two years ago, in 2016, Vincent was discovered to have stomatitis. He had two surgeries to remove some teeth. They were good teeth, but had to be removed because the gums around his teeth reacted very badly and would become inflamed, causing severe pain (stomatitis). Vincent was alright after that, with the occasional pain in the mouth, which would be taken care of with Plague Off. But the vet then already cautioned me that with stomatitis, kidney disease might follow.

If I remember correctly, the simple explanation is that stomatitis makes the body produce globulins and globulin is an antibody that destroys the nephrons in the kidneys.  In that way, it is an auto-immune condition, which is beyond our control.

So, when Vincent had mouth ulcers around June-July this year. This time, it wasn’t the mouth alone, it was a symptom of kidney disease.

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?  We will never know. Cats are so resilient (what more, a soldier-cat like Vincent), they do not display pain until it’s too late.

Life is so imperfect, isn’t it?

It was feeding time when we visited and Vincent was given some of the cooked chicken I brought yesterday. He used his paw to dig out the chicken and ate some from the floor of the cage. He likes to eat that way. But he did not eat much.

However, later, when we left him alone, he ate. Looks like he wants to eat in peace, alone. I’m thinking of setting up the cage and letting him eat in the cage when he comes home. Maybe that’s what he wants – to be left alone in peace.

The vet assistant said Vincent ate all kinds of food yesterday – cooked chicken, canned, renal wet and renal kibble. Good appetite, according to her. Well, as long as he can still eat, I’m grateful. I don’t want him to starve himself.

The vet also said that she had no problems feeding Vincent his meds (Semintra and Azodyl). She used the pill popper and Vincent did not fight at all. In fact, he has been very good too.

I’ll have to use the pill popper then.

But I think Vincent bullies me!

Meanwhile, this sweet little kitten is up for adoption at the vet’s. If you are interested, please do let me know.