Preparing for Vincent to come home

I’ve set up the cage for Vincent to have his meals in privacy.

Ginger will almost surely try to disturb and intimidate him, so the option of putting Ginger into Bunny’s Place while Vincent eats remains open. After all, doesn’t Ginger LOVE going into Bunny’s Room? Indy and the girls will not beat him up, so it should be okay.

I hope Vincent’s “loose stools” problem can be settled today so that he can come home. While it’s true that he has better medical care at the clinic, I could see he didn’t look very comfortable because it’s a strange environment for him.

At home, he has access to the entire house, indoors and the patio. He can sit amongst the plants, which is his favourite activity.

The sad reality is Vincent is dying. That’s putting it bluntly but it’s the truth. There is no turning back from kidney failure. It is a progressive disease and it only becomes worse. For those who were lucky enough to be diagnosed from Stage 1, they would have a longer time to “progress” (for want of a better word…”deteriorate”?) to Stages 2, 3 and 4. Vincent was already at Stage 4 when it was diagnosed as kidney disease. Before that, he showed no symptoms except for the mouth and gum inflammation, which we thought was the stomatitis recurring.

In fact, when his first blood test results were obtained, the (previous) vet said it was most likely due to dehydration because he wasn’t eating much due to the mouth and gums. Hence, he was treated for just that. It was only later that we could confirm that it was indeed kidney failure.

And so what if we had known earlier, right? Even if it were Stage 2 or 3, it would still deteriorate to Stage 4 eventually. It’s just a matter of time. How long?

What a rotten deal life has dealt ANYONE with, right?

Nobody gets out of life alive. We are born to die. That’s the rotten deal, isn’t it?

But we are already here, so what can we do but to make the most of it. Rejoice in the fleeting moments when things go right and accept the rotten moments when it goes wrong. ‘Coz that’s life.

I often here some people saying, “You can do anything if you put your mind into it!” (or “heart and soul”, if you prefer). Really? Anything? Can you grow back an amputated limb? I mean, a real one, not fix a prosthetic. Or, for that matter, can we paint the Mona Lisa? Can we play badminton like Lee CW? Can we do mathematics like Einstein? Can we fly?

Can we cure kidney failure in a cat?

Can we beat death?

So, no, there are too many things we wish we could do, but we simply cannot no matter how much mind, heart or “soul” we put into it.

We cannot escape death. We can only hope death will be kind to us when it comes.

Right now, I need to muster all my mental strength to help Vincent through this last stage.

Please…give me the strength. And please give Vincent the strength and serenity to go through this.

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