Vincent is home!

We were at the vet’s this morning to take Vincent home. He hasn’t had any loose stools already so that’s good and he has his appetite back.

The vet showed me how to hold Vincent’s head in place so that the pill popper can be used. Vincent did get a shock but that’s “okay”, and is certainly better than all the violent struggle previously when I used my finger to do it. It was just a 1-2 second “shock”.

The IV was removed and I had brought freshly steamed chicken, which Vincent ate heartily at the clinic.

The vet has revised Vincent’s medication to only the following now:
Semintra (once a day – oral syringe)
Azodyl (twice a day – pill popper required)
Tramadol (twice a day – cream)
Clindamycin (antibiotic) (twice a day – oral syringe)
Subcut (250ml once a day)
Orozyme (1-2 times a day)

Vincent has given his Darbepoetin and B12 injection this morning, plus a steroid injection which effect would last for 2 weeks or so. It is to help with the inflammation.

He was also no longer drooling this morning.

With that, we drove home. I brought his favourite dark blue minky cloth in the carrier too.


Going upstairs!

His eyes look much brighter now.

On his favourite dark blue minky cloth.

Ahh….nothing feels as good as being home, right?

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