Vincent’s day

We started the day at 4am this morning. Actually, before that, as Vincent jumped up to sleep beside me at 1.30am.

4.30am – Vincent was hungry and ate a lot. This morning, he wanted home-cooked food! I am glad I thawed a batch last night.

I also very quickly steamed some chicken for him as I know he likes to lick up soup. I put spoonfuls of chicken soup (with cooked liver) into his plate and Vincent licked it all up. I must go get more chicken today, to make chicken essence for Vincent. I also gave him some sardine and he ate that too.

All in, I think Vincent ate a lot (even too much). But whenever Vincent eats, it’s a good and happy occasion, so I let him eat as much as he wants.

Heidi, Tabs and Ginger get whatever Vincent gets. Lucky people.

Licking soil again.

Another one of his favourite soil patches.

Unfortunately, at about 8am I discovered some vomit near the front door. It is almost definitely from Vincent. He probably ate too much at 4.30am. It was undigested food (mostly chicken shreds and chicken pieces).

Later in the morning, I thought I’d try something different for Vincent – half-boiled egg yolk. He normally doesn’t like this, though.

Heidi LOVES it! In fact, it’s the only way to get her back from the playground – tempt her with the sound of the egg pot.

Vincent didn’t want any of it.

My friend reminded me of this article I posted in 2016 about kidney disease in cats:

The article says:

My suggestion for cats that have been diagnosed with kidney failure:

1.     Don’t believe that your cat is going to die.  Your belief system has a lot to do with your cat’s ability to heal.
2.     Follow your veterinarian’s recommendation with conventional treatment and support.
3      Find a holistic veterinarian that can help your cat using alternative modalities.
4.     Feed a balanced, wholesome diet that is not heat-processed.

A diet that is not heat-processed would be a raw diet. Yes, I do remember that. In fact, Primal Freeze-Dried came about when the founder was searching for a food that would help his pet with kidney disease. He found that raw food helped his pet, so that’s how Primal Freeze-Dried was created.

I’ve also read a lot of literature that recommends a raw diet for kidney patients.

As though Vincent could read my mind…(doesn’t he always, proven time and again?)…

At 11.30am, Vincent wanted to eat and he ate raw food! He only wanted Coco&Joe’s and not Cubgrub. Well, as long as he eats, and it’s good that it is raw food as it should be more easily digestible for him.

Good to see him drinking water again.

He wanted renal kibble at 12noon, so kibble it is.

All morning, he was actually quite active. He mewed at me to call me, he even wanted to go out through the front door. Of course I cannot allow that.

After lunch, I went out to buy fresh sardines and more chicken for him. Came home, steamed it, but that did not attract him.

Subcut done for the day.

He doesn’t look so good now. Hopefully the subcut fluids will perk him up.

Hopefully he will eat a little bit tonight.