A sumptuous sardine-chicken dinner for Vincent!

Okay, so I got it all wrong for the earlier dinner.

I think what Vincent wants is freshly steamed sardines and chicken essence (also freshly steamed), so I did a batch.

The keyword here is “freshly steamed”.

As though Vincent knew that the steamed food had cooled, he came into the kitchen and started mewing.

Yes, mewing and rubbing at my leg!

So I quickly took the bowl out of the wok and proceeded to mash up the fish and chicken for him. This batch has some Morton’s Lite Salt as well. I served as I was mashing up, for fear I might lose his interest and he would walk away.

He attacked the food with fervour!!

As I mashed the food, I kept filling up his place and Vincent ate like a horse!

He almost finished two pieces of sardine fish and one big piece of chicken. I think he loves the soup as well.

What a sumptuous meal!  I am so happy.

Meanwhile, Indy was complaining at the grille.

What about us??

So, yes, they had a snack too!

I just hope Vincent will keep eating. At this point in time, it’s just so good that he eats. We cannot afford the luxury of only letting him eat “the correct diet” (as per which school of thought, right? There’s the Raw Camp, the Homecooked Camp, the Renal Prescription Diet Camp, etc.).

If Vincent wants raw, I have Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s on standby at anytime for him. But he doesn’t want these.

If he wants homecooked, I’ll make sure I have chicken and sardines ready to be freshly steamed for him.

If he wants canned food, of course I have Monge and Cindy’s waiting. Plus some Gold-D too.

If he wants kibble, I have RC’s Renal Kibble too.

He only has to “tell” me what he wants and it’s all his.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that steamed chicken (or fish) is actually much easier to make than my normal boiled recipe.  And one can steam it on a daily basis. Serendipity!