Vincent’s day

Breakfast at 5.30am today – a mixture of canned, homecooked (steamed fish and chicken) and even raw food.

I managed to lace the food with Clindamycin so that I don’t have to use the syringe. I must say…I was so, so lucky that he continued eating and did not walk away.

Ate again at 9.30am. I laced this with Semintra and I cannot believe that I was lucky again! Vincent seems to love the steamed sardines.

4.30pm – ate again. I laced it with Clindamycin again, but my luck had run out completely this time (oh well, it’s about time too, right?).  How can anyone be THIS lucky.

Vincent ate a few rounds and I had to exile Ginger into Bunny’s room so that Ginger won’t try to snatch Vincent’s food.

At 5.30pm, Vincent came to ask for food again, but this time, I got it all wrong – everything I offered just wasn’t right.  Well, maybe he just wanted to socialise and not eat.

He came again at 6.oopm, but again, I got it all wrong. He merely licked at each type of food that I offered.

By this time, I had to forcefeed the Clindamycin, so I did that. Sorry, Vincent.

Subcut went well. No hitches.

I’m making a new batch of steamed sardines and chicken. Hopefully he will eat tonight or maybe tomorrow morning.

I’m thankful that at least Vincent did eat. A few times too. Quite a lot as well.

He’s back to drinking water (normal behaviour), sitting under the chair in the living room (something he hadn’t done for a long, long time) and even scratching a cardboard box!

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