The Cow Clan food guzzlers

My day started at 3am today. I thought an early start would be good – there’s just so much to do!

So I came downstairs with Tabs and Vincent was already awake. He came into the kitchen to wait for food.

At 3am?

Well, anytime is a good time for Vincent to eat, isn’t it?

I had thawed a batch of sardines and chicken, if that’s still “trendy” for him, that is. So I quickly started steaming it, but at the same time, offered last night’s (steamed at night) sardines and chicken to him.


Then, how about Cindy’s Tender Chicken, Monge’s Tuna, Chicken and Beef, Coco&Joe’s Turkey Recipe and Cubgrub’s Chicken?

All no.

All wrong, Vincent said. And kept looking at me.

Oh dear…it’s that nightmarish staring game again.

I don’t have anymore options, Vincent. You’ll just have to wait for the freshly steamed batch to cool first, okay?

I did wonder, though…what if that’s not in fashion for him anymore? Then, what else do I have up my sleeves? Nothing.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Tabs, Heidi and Ginger ate.

And whatever Vincent did not want was happily guzzled by the famous Cow Clan food guzzlers (or vacuum cleaners)….

Cleo is the smallest eater. She just eats her tiny share and will go off.

She’s pretty low maintenance when it comes to food.

The guzzlers want more!!

Surprisingly Pole can really eat, but she stays slim.

What is your secret, Pole?

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