Vincent’s meals for today and a photo shoot!

After the sumptuous breakfast this morning, Vincent had several other meals today. And some photo shoots too!

The shaven arm is because of the IV-drip.

A good lunch at 1.45pm – steamed sardines and some chicken.

Heidi loves cooked food too.  For some reason, she stopped eating Cubgrub and all raw food. Maybe she knows her system best, so we have to respect that.

Vincent slept during subcut.

Time for today’s photo shoot!

Dinner was a real surprise for Vincent – roasted chicken! I didn’t make this, though, we got it from Juiceria. Vincent went crazy over it! He loved it!

I have to search for roast chicken recipe – to do it for Vincent.

After the roast chicken, Vincent wanted more so he ate some canned tuna.

At 10.30pm, he wanted food again and this time, I had just steamed a little bit of sardine with chicken. He ate this up too. Good to know that he still loves sardine.

Today, I only managed to force-feed him Clindamycin once. I didn’t dare lace his food with any meds anymore for fear it would turn him off food and he’ll starve again.

The force-feeding of the Clindamycin was stressful and that would be the only “negative” event of the day. The rest were happy meal times and photo shoot times!

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