Vincent’s sumptuous breakfast (side story: Spider-Cat gets stuck)

It looks like freshly steamed sardines with chicken essence is still in fashion.

Vincent knew the food had cooled, so he came into the kitchen at 4.30am.


I mashed it up as quickly I could.

This time, I didn’t dare lace the food with any medicines at all. I think priority should be given to (1) eating before (2) medicines.

Meanwhile, I had locked Ginger into Bunny’s Room so that Vincent can eat in peace.

Indy smelled the sardines.

Heidi is okay, she will wait patiently until she is fed.
She doesn’t snatch. Heidi has class.

What are you doing, Indy?

The smell of the sardines…it was just too much!


Finally, he scaled right to the top of the kitchen netting, got his claws stuck and starting mewing for help. I had to go yank him off from the outside.

What happened to you, Spider-Cat??

Indy: I’ll just be BatCat for today…not Spider-Cat.

Fine, but even BatCat wouldn’t have got himself stuck like that, Indy. Are you losing it?

Meanwhile, Ginger just had to come out.

He had his share as well.