What don’t you write about me? (The Crown Princess complains)

Cleo: It’s not fair, you only write about Vincent all the time. What about me? I’m somebody, you know. I’m fourth in line to the throne…that’s after Cow, Bunny and Pole. 

Cleo: Wait, am I fourth in line? Bunny cannot rule, he’s all into food. And Pole (yes, I know she’s my mum, but facts are facts, right?), she’s a bit of a dodo, you know. She cannot even remember I’m her daughter and I’ve been trying to tell her that for…how long? 11 years?  Yep, for 11 years I’ve been telling her I’m her daughter and she cannot even compute. So, how can Pole rule, right? 

So that makes me second in line. 

Wow!! I’m second in line! I’m the crown princess!! 

Cleo: Crown princess….hmm. Yes, that’s what I am. But wait…Cow is getting old. I’d suggest he abdicates and let ME rule. 

Yups, I should rule. 

After all, who is named after a queen?  

Cleo: I will not be triumphed over. For am I indeed…the queen. Move over, Cow.

I dare say…I think my eyes are even prettier…

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