Vincent’s “fishy” morning

We started the day at 3.45am this morning.

I wanted to get up earlier to steam the sardines for Vincent so that it has time to cool before he eats it.

But Vincent had already come into the kitchen to wait.

Tabs, Ginger and Heidi got a can of Monge first but Vincent didn’t want any of it.

He waited patiently until the sardines plus chicken had cooled.  Luckily it didn’t take so long as I only steamed one fish and a small piece of chicken, just enough for him alone.  After all, he wants everything fresh.

Vincent ate…like a horse!

He actually only wants the sardines and not the chicken. I put in a few pieces of yesterday’s roast chicken but no, that’s out of the list already (or is it because it is no longer “fresh”?). He avoided those pieces. Only went for the fish.

I do recall a friend from long ago who maintained her CKD cat on steamed fish and a renal diet. For many, many years.

If steamed fish is the way to go for Vincent, I don’t mind getting him fresh fish every day. I just need him to eat so that he won’t starve. All else is quite secondary at this point in time. Being able to eat is always good.

And this morning, I even managed to put in the Semintra into his food and he ate it all up!! Oh, yay!!  What a bonus!

Vincent ate so much, actually and I wondered if I should stop him…but I did not. If he has a good appetite, let him eat as much as he wants (this proved to be wrong, later).

Towards the end, I tried putting in the Clindamycin. One sniff of it, and he walked off.

Oh dear….sorry, Vincent, sorry!

Anyway, that was that. I think he had eaten enough too.

However, at 6.30am, Vincent came into the kitchen asking to food again. He opened a can of Cindy’s Tender Chicken – No.

Oh dear…do I need to steam fish again?  So soon. It’s only been 2 hours since he “eat like a horse” meal.

So I took a chance and took out the Clindamycin-laced remaining sardines (steamed at 4am) and quickly warmed it up a little on the wok.

He ate and almost finished it!

Wow! That’s a lot of food for the morning!

I don’t know if the Clindamycin would still be effective but it was kept in the fridge for the two hour duration. Never mind….

Then, at 7am, I realised why Vincent came back to ask for food.

He had vomited quite a bit out at the front door. This must have happened shortly after gorging on the first meal. I did hear the sound of a “cough” – that must have been it.

Sigh…all the morning food – out in the vomit. But it’s okay. At least he ate a bit again at 6.30am.

Maybe I should control the amount of food he eats now.

I hope the “vomiting” is not one of those “getting worse” symptoms. So far, it has happened a few times, but often because he ate too much or too fast.

I also wonder if the Semintra made him vomit?  I really won’t know.

Will play it by ear as the day progresses.

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