Yummy fishy meals for Vincent all day

So, Vincent ate twice this morning – that was before dawn. And he ate some more after that.

9.20am – freshly steamed fish again.

Look at Tabs!

That’s Vincent eating his fish and Heidi eating her half-boiled egg yolks. Too bad Vincent doesn’t like eggs. But his freshly steamed sardines isn’t hard to make too. I can do it all in about 10 minutes. He would just have to wait a bit, which he does….patiently.

A portrait.

Asking for food again, at 2pm.

Mashing up the sardine as quickly as I can, and cooling it (straight out of the wok).

Eat, eat, eat, Vincent!

Subcut at 4.30pm.

Asking for food again at 6.30pm.

This time, I’m glad he ate a lot of chicken too. This meal is more of chicken than fish. The fish is only for the “soup”, which is absolutely loves.

I steamed the chicken thigh so it had a lot of soup with a bit of bone marrow and all.

Whenever Vincent eats, everyone benefits too.

Tabs has her Cubgrub.

Inside, the Cow Clan is into Cubgrub these days. Bunny loves it! The girls will only eat it while Cow and Indy are flexible. Indy, however, must have his kibble – at least a little bit.

I’m so glad that after the morning’s vomiting, there was no more vomiting. Hopefully it was just due to eating too much and too fast.

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