The heroes, the gatekeepers and the brave ones

About half an hour ago, I suddenly heard a very extraordinarily loud thud on the roof, over at Bunny’s Place, and this was followed by very loud footsteps walking on the roof to the patio.

First on the scene was none other than…

…the queen herself.

Yes, Queen Cleo Patra herself. She rushed out to Bunny’s Pantry and was on guard.

Who goes there? I shall not be triumphed over…

And outside, guess who went to investigate?


Yes, our loyal soldier, despite illness and all, was on full alert as well.

But out on the front lines was Ginger.

Don’t anyone underestimate him.

I called both inside, just in case of any danger.

Ginger did not budge.

Our hero, the gatekeeper of Stargate2.

I managed to get Vincent back into the house.

A treat! That’s Coco&Joe’s, which he ate a little.

Ginger came back when he sensed there was no clear and present danger looming.

Or was it the smell of freshly steamed sardines and chicken (for Vincent).

There is definitely no clear and present danger since my bodyguard didn’t see any need for him to wake from his nap.

Stargate is under no threat – affirmative.

None whatsoever.

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